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Nothing finishes and sets off a beautiful custom deck like beautiful custom wooden stairs. Exterior wood stairs are high-wear areas, often the first areas to show their age and the most often overlooked elements of design. With 15 years outdoor deck and wooden staircase specialty experience, well-designed and placed exterior wood stairs are where we often begin a decking project. What makes the difference between a simple set of wooden steps on your deck and something better? Lots of things.

Exterior wooden stairs for 2nd story entrances

Whether you are making a private entrance for a granny flat, operate an AirB&B, or just need additional access, wooden stairs can make a cost-effective, safe, and sturdy second story entrance. Similar in appearance to wooden stairs on the deck, exterior stairs for second-story have much longer spans and require additional structure to meet the year-round, all-whether requirements of a primary entrance, including a landing at the top and anti-slip surface treatment. We’ve been around the block and can make your second-story entrance safe and good-looking in no time.

Wooden stair rails

Closer to the ground and attached differently than the railing around the upper portion of the deck, stair railings need to be extra sturdy. We build them this way, stout, for the long haul with extra attention to surface finishing for durable, long-lasting appearance you can lean on, literally.

Outdoor wood step materials

For aesthetics, step materials must match the deck overall, like the stair rails, however, we put a little extra attention to the steps so that they age slowly and gracefully as a whole with the deck. Lesser attention on steps means premature wear. Wooden decks and the outside staircases that go with them built by Framework Contracting hold up better than others.

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